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Essay Writing Service

The Unemployed Professors essay writing service began in 2011 as an experiment offering a new, boutique take on custom-written essays. What we offered was a winning combination of the world’s best, most educated professional essay writers and a revolutionary bidding system. We know a thing or two about writing essays, and we don't just write them – we can teach you about them, too. Unlike many of our competitors, all of the professors who write our essays have had their credentials verified. We have historically worked through a referral system in which our professors have referred new hires to us. While they remain anonymous, as do you, throughout the entirety of the custom essay writing process, we guarantee that all of our professors have graduate degrees (90% PhDs), and that they have all independently taught courses at the university level. Unemployed Professors recognizes that, when you are commissioning a custom essay service, you might have a certain vision for the project. Because of this, our online discussion boards allow for rapid communication with your chosen professor. We’ve designed an essay writing service that makes it easy for you to anonymously communicate with the individual writing your customized essay.
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